Sunday, 25 September 2011

My First Hash

 . . .  no not that kind!  I went on my first hash this afternoon with the Hash House Harriers. Hashing began by British Soldiers in Kuala Lumpur in 1938 (The Mother Hash) and now is in many countries, fortunately including Jamaica.  Here is the link to the  local group if you want to read some more:

Some "hares" choose a place every other Sunday afternoon - well mostly - and we meet an hour or more out of Kingston for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of hashing, followed by libation, food and general merriment.  There wasn't much merriment today as we were all soaking wet and muddy, but cheers all around as everyone finished.  As least I don't think we lost anyone. 

We went up the Guanaboa Vale, northwest of Spanish Town to Spring Vale. This is not mountainous like the Blue Mountains, but is very rural and very hilly.  Went through many lime orchards and fields of sugar cane on the way on lovely winding roads, enjoying the scenery. The hash went up hill seemingly forever, the the thunder and lightening produced the promised rain - and when it rains, it rains! Uphill was all on narrow roads and very picturesque; for the downhill we turned onto a very narrow trail - I'm not sure one could even call it a trail - where the rain ran down and we were often in ankle deep muddy water and very slippery. I didn't fall, but others did.  One hasher, who has been with them for a long time, said this was the worst hash she had ever been on! 

After 90 minutes we were back to Spring Vale school for much welcomed beer and hot soup. Fortunately for me, after years of running in Vancouver and going to weekend races, I brought a dry shirt and shoes with me and had a comfortable drive home. I think there was some covetous glances at my dry shirt :-)

Even with all the walking I have been doing and increasing fitness level, my legs are certainly tired tonight.  Feel like I got some serious exercise. I look forward to my next outing.

Flowers outside my apartment as I await ride to hash.

We stopped in Spanish Town on the way and had a quick look at the historic town square. Established in 1523, Spanish Town was the capital of Jamaica from late 1600's (not sure of the date) to 1872.

Spanish Town

Spanish town

Spanish Town

Uphill in the early stages of hash

Humble abode along the way

It really was raining harder than this. Difficult to take pictures of the rain.

Down the muddy trail

Not sure if these shoes and socks will be clean again

George took the easy way down the trail, on his back. Glad he is alright. 
Thanks for driving, George!

I don't like this picture - makes me look very fat and I really have lost weight! Don't look wet but I am - and happy.

Hashers seeking shelter (and beer) under a tree.  Which really isn't a good idea considering there was a lot of lightening. 

Soup off the back of a van, sheltered with a banana leaf. 

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