Sunday, 11 September 2011

Port Royal

On Saturday I went with friends Erin and Del to Port Royal - we all wanted to get out of the city after three weeks.  We figured out the buses - and now know how to get there on an even better route! - and spent a few hours in the sea air.

Port Royal is the original pirate enclave and capital until most of it was washed into the sea in an earthquake in the late 1600's.  Then it became a British garrison in the mid-1800's, the remnants of which are still there. Port Royal is now a small fishing village and we headed to Gloria's, a local gem and destination, for fresh fish and beer. 

We hope to go back to Port Royal and catch a boat to Lime Cay, for a day of sun, swimming, and snorkeling.  

 We changed buses downtown at the Parade, stopping at the markets on the way back to buy a few things - clothes pegs! - and fresh fruits.  The prices are about 1/3 of uptown and will definitely go back to explore on another Saturday.  I need a few sundresses and this will be the place to buy them.
 Graveyard at the old Anglican church at Port Royal. Historic and very lovely gardens.
 Erin posing with the cannon at Fort Charles at Port Royal.  Notice how they have moved the cannons to point inwards at us, not outwards at the pirates!

 Proof that I really in Jamaica.
 Erin and Del at the entrance to the museum of Fort Charles.
 Fishing boats at Port Royal
There are about as many old fishing boats discarded on the shore as there are working in the water.
Glorias is a few tents with plastic tables and chairs and you have to swat the flies who seem to know when your food arrives. The fish was fresh and delicious, served with steamed rice and bammy (which is like fried cornbread). I had curried lobster, Erin had garlic lobster, and Del had steamed fish - the WHOLE fish! There was a steady stream of cars arriving, with locals coming for well-known lunches at Glorias - think we were the only ones who took local transport. 

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