Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Birds & Butterlies

. . . and flowers too. 

Before I came to Jamaica and was researching things to do and places to discover, I was keen to go hiking and explore the flora and fauna far from the tourist track. 

Haven't quite got there yet, but now have the proper resources: field guides for "Butterflies of Jamaica", "Birds of Jamaica", "Flowers of Jamaica", and Guide to the Blue and John Crow Mountains".

Now I just have to get out there with my binoculars and camera . . . Though I have already recorded a number of birds, butterflies and flowers.  I have three distinct bird calls that I hear most mornings at about 5 am - I need to get out there with my binoculars and identify the perpetrators (hopefully on a weekend so I can go back to bed!).

Was hoping to be out with the Hash House Harriers on Sunday, but now seems that this week's hash (they meet every other Sunday afternoon) may be cancelled.  If that is so, I will either be out to Lime Cay or San San Beach near Port Antonio. I am in need of some serious beach time, swimming in the ocean, and snorkeling (brought my gear!) . . . . 

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