Sunday, 11 September 2011

First Week of Work

I have finished my first week of work at the National Volunteer Centre (NVC).  Like any first week of work, there is a huge learning curve ranging from adding faces to names to trying to figure out how to use a PC.  I am so used to the ease of my Mac that I had forgotten how frustrating a PC can be - why can't I just drag things and what is with the right click and the left click?!

Delighted to say that everyone is very friendly and I really feel welcomed and supported.  Ms. Jackson, Mrs. Cobourne, Miss Lotoya, and Miss Norma are my daily contacts, though there are many more people coming and going from the Centre for Voluntary Social Services (CVSS) and its 110 member agencies.  It will take a few more weeks to figure out my work plan and I will do this with Ms. Jackson and we will then meet with CUSO-VSO in about four weeks time with our draft and hopefully finalize it.  This is the plan against my performance will be assessed and the success (hopefully!) of a CUSO-VSO placement at the NVC. Keep tuned.

I also have my transportation routes figured out, though I might try a few others to see which ones work best.  In the mornings, I walk about 10 minutes to the Half Way Tree (HWT) transportation centre to catch a bus to Crossroads - I leave at 7:30 am and there are lots of buses going to at that time and I usually catch one right away and get a seat; 15 minute ride; then another 12-15 minute walk from Crossroads to the NVC. Even though it is 7:30 in the morning, I am a sweaty mess my the time I get there.  So I have left two pairs of shoes, two jackets, towel and toiletries at the office and carry my work clothes in my backpack, wearing runners, T and shorts to commute. At least 3 days a week, I walk all the way home - about 45-50 minutes.  The evening return commute is much busier and the bus actually takes longer than walking. However, I will take the bus several days or when severe rain (see following pictures), as my arthritic knees need a bit of a rest so that I can do lots of walking on the weekends!

 Many afternoons at this time of year, you will see the sky darken and there will be thunder and lightening.  The rains sometimes come and sometimes stay in the mountains or in isolated areas.  And yes, that is a guard tower and they have large guns - the NVC is across the street from a prison and a military complex.
When it does rain, it really rains! View from door of NVC, though the picture does not really capture how much rain was falling.
Waiting for the bus in the rain storm.  The water becomes ankle deep and is unavoidable as it crosses most streets and sidewalks.  I will be taking my red wellingtons to work on Monday and leaving them in readiness for wet walks home. At least the water is warm!

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