Thursday, 8 September 2011

No Hurricanes - Yet

Travel books, internet, etc. cite the rainy/hurricane season as June to November.  Actually, it is from about now until November. I am not really worried about hurricanes - might actually enjoy the experience and would be a great opportunity for photos.  Remember, I am the one who loves the winter storms at Keats. Hurricanes usually run up the eastern Caribbean and we are on the western front. 

Spoke to co-workers and they said Jamaica has not had a hurricane for several years and not a serious one for quite a few. Maybe this means we are due!

The Gleaner, daily paper that most read, today had a supplement on hurricane preparedness.  Not one to panic, but can confess that I now have a list and will be shopping on the weekend for my "hurricane survival kit":  food that can be stored and eaten cold (may be eating a lot of beans, canned peas, peanut butter, crackers, and applesauce) and a couple of 4 litre containers of water. I already have candles/matches and spare batteries for my flashlight. 

Most days this week we have had late afternoon thunderstorms and sudden rains, though the rains are isolated and over almost before they start.  However, in those moments they do deliver a prodigious amount of water which creates floods on roads and everywhere - when you are walking home from work, they are unavoidable.  I have two folding umbrellas and one is always with me. And very wet and dirty runners. 

No pics re rainstorms yet, but will get some and post soon.

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