Sunday, 2 October 2011

San San Beach & A Long Day

Upon my impetus, we went on a Jamaica adventure today. Took a "coaster" to Port Antonio and then a route taxi/smaller coaster for the extra 8km to San San Beach. Our research and local advisors gave us high hopes regarding this beach and the trip there.

It turned out to be much more of an adventure than any of us planned. We were a little bit late getting organized in the morning, but that was okay as we are all learning to live on Jamaica-time.  But the coaster trip (i.e. small, overcrowded bus) was much longer than we were lead to believe; the smaller coaster to San San was a 12 passenger van with 20 adults and four children, not including the driver!; they charged us $400 J to go on the beach (almost all beaches are private and have a fee or belong to a resort); food had to be ordered out and was expensive. 

We tried to convince them that we were poor Canadians and not rich Americans, but to no avail. And there were a lot of ants.

Good news, the water was lovely as was the snorkeling. And the "restaurant" had some nice tables in the shade and you could buy cold drinks, including beer that was overpriced. But they had to send the lifeguard into Port Antonio for the food, which took forever and we were wondering if he would ever come back with either the food or the money.  He did come back. Note that I say "they", because George and I brought our own lunches and did not have to buy food - age has its advantages :-) - but we did indulge in a beer. 

At least I don't have to worry about organizing another adventure . . .  no one will sign up. Many thanks to my friends who, despite all the challenges of the day, were troopers.

This is our coaster, which is looking much better than it actually was. The coasters than run up and down Half Way Tree to 'town are much more decrepit. The "island" coasters that act as buses to other communities can be very nice and new with air conditioning and lovely seats; or they can be dodgey.  This one was dodgey.  An inauspicious start to the day. 

Waiting for the coaster to fill up. And I do mean "fill up".  See that back seat with 4 seats, well there has to be 6 on there and the aisle will be filled with fold-down seats, often accommodating two people - if these conditions are not met, we wait until they are.

See previous comment re aisle seats. Note front right of bus where someone carried a TV on their lap all the way - reminded me of a Sienfeld episode. And why, in 30 degree weather would you wear a wool toque? On the left that is the back of silver-haired George, who has the patience of Job.

You can top up your Digicel phone anywhere, including the smallest village in the middle of the Blue Mountains. 

Don't believe the sign.

Erin and Del, with Julia and Kim in the distance. Wanted to snorkel out to Monkey Island in the background, but did not want to go alone. And I was the only one with gear.

San San with Monkey Island.  Around the point to the right is Frenchman's Cove and Blue Lagoon is not far.

Very quiet and we mostly had the beach to ourselves. 

To left and out there was some very nice coral and good snorkeling with all the colours of Caribbean fish.

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