Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lime Cay

Home from a wonderful day trip to Lime Cay, the largest of a string of very small cays off Port Royal and the nearest good beach to Kingston. Erin, Del and I were joined by two new CUSO-VSO volunteers, Shalini and Sats - who, coincidentally, are both from Victoria, BC.

After a slow start to the day - we were waiting for the right bus, but at the wrong bus stop! - we did catch the #83 and then switched to the #98 at Mountainview & Windward, which quickly nipped us out past the airport to Morgan Harbour Hotel at Port Royal. After another wee glitch - the Morgan Harbour boat wasn't running this morning, even though I phoned to confirm - we did easily find a boat next door at the bar on the dock. 

The bus trip and the $1000 (return) for the boat was well worth the day. Lime Cay is beautiful with lovely sand beach, perfect swimming, and some interesting coral reefs.  I did not take my snorkel and fins, but will next time.  And there will be a next time! We brought water and snacks as there are no services on the cay, though we understand that in 'high' season when there are more visitors, drinks and food can be bought in the shack

There were about 25 other people on the island throughout the day, all finding their own little spots in the shade.  Most of the were clearly locals and we learned from watching them: a small cooler and folding beach chairs are now on the shopping list.

After spending about 3 1/2 hours sunning, swimming, and relaxing the boat picked us up and took us back to Port Royal where we simply could not resist a visit to the infamous Gloria's for lobster and fish dinners. It was as good as we had remembered (see September blog re Port Royal), though the" lobster in garlic" had transmogrified into "lobster with lots of spices"!  Still, superb seafood at good prices and we will be back.  The seafood is so fresh because they literally go out and catch it - you see the fishers bringing baskets of fish and lobsters from the boats to the kitchen. 

On the ride back we were all happily tired from a day in the sun and with full tummies. Lime Cay is a wonderful place for a day trip and the price is reasonable, particularly if we take a picnic lunch next time (in our new cooler). And you don't need to make reservations, just get up in the morning, hop on the bus, and head to the bar on the dock to catch a boat . . . 

Waiting for the boat at the bar on the dock . .  . only about 15 minutes, which by Jamaican standards is nothing short of miraculous

Do not take sand from the cay.

Shalini enjoying her first day out of the city. And, no, she is not 12 years old :-)  She is a highly qualified and experienced IT specialist. 

Leaving the bar behind . . . 

Lime Cay in the distance

Lime Cay

The shack was just a shady area today. 

We found our own shade. Del at back left, Sats at back right; 
Shalini and Erin repose after a swim. 

The view of Kingston from Lime Cay

The chef and the kitchen (outside) at Gloria's

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