Monday, 17 October 2011

Flankers Family Fun Day

Today, Monday, is National Heroes Day. The Peace & Justice Centre, located in the community centre in Flankers (few km east of Montego Bay) is where Julia works for the Dispute Resolution Foundation (DRF). The centre hosted a Family Fun Day on the playing fields nearby.

Julia and I went there at 10 am to help set up, which mostly consisted of us waiting around for two hours while organizers figured what they might want to do :-)  Julia stayed several more hours, selling tickets - eventually - for face painting and the bouncy thing. I took the car back to MoBay and spent some time on the "hip strip", coming back to rescue her with the excuse that she had to take me to the bus. We stopped for a quick swim before heading to the bus . . .  pouring rain again . . .  and feeling quite badly for the folks at Flankers who had all volunteered to put this day on for the community.

Cleaning up and setting up the cook shop. No Jamaican festival is complete without a generous supply of food.

Cook shop taking shape. That is Charlie (in white T-Shirt) on the left, who is visiting from the Bronx, NY, and Miss Rose (in the blue T) who was chief cook. 

This was the planned cooker.  Really. However, better thinking prevailed and they decided to use two old wheel rims, filled with coals and topped with old wire fridge shelves instead. Everyone was pleased with the upgrade. 

Menu. Appears that 'Chicken & Chips' are priceless.

The universal game. These lads were playing football, barefoot on a muddy field, non-stop from the moment they got there. 

The cook shop in action.

Girls from Flankers await the beginning of the festivities.

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