Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cool Evenings and Mornings

Jamaicans keep telling me that it will soon be getting cool, at least by Jamaican standards. I have been very skeptical about this, though now starting to believe.

Came home from a meeting last evening about 7:30 pm and sat outside on my patio with tea on a most pleasant evening: still in my shorts and T, but very comfortable and almost - not yet, but almost! - ready for a pullover.

Then this morning, as I headed out to work at 7:15 am, it was just right with a cool breeze.  Hey, 25 degrees is feeling decidedly fresh.

I am sure it will be hot again midday, but I am going to enjoy cooler evenings and mornings while they last.  Hey, those who know me know that I love warm, tropical weather but I must confess that I am looking forward to waking up in the middle of the night with the need to snuggle under a sheet. I will have to wait until I get home for Christmas before I can look forward to a blanket - or a couple of warm three year olds in bed with their Nana :-)

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