Saturday, 19 November 2011

Happy Birthday Ann-Marie

When I arrived at the National Volunteer Centre (NVC) - almost three months ago! - I was very fortunate to find wonderful people to work with.  The administrative assistant, Ann-Marie, was the glue that held the office together and I really liked working with her. Her daughter, Chanique, would sometimes come to the office after school and I became "Auntie Wendy". You will notice that I use past tense, which is because we have just spent our first week at the NVC without Ann-Marie at the front desk!  She has a new position at a USAID funded NGO; a position that is a good career move re pay, benefits, and other opportunities.  We are very pleased for her, though will miss her.  

To celebrate her promotion and, coincidentally, Ann-Marie's birthday, she and Chanique came to dinner on Friday evening. We also invited "young Damien", who works at the downtown office of CVSS, and it working on his MBA. Damien is always on the hunt for a meal :-)

As I had to prepare most of the meal the night before, we had my stand-by curried chicken and broccoli casserole, penne, salad, cornbread, apple and pumpkins pies with ice cream. Oh yes, started the evening by sitting on the patio with white wine sangria. A very pleasant evening. 

A few pictures . . . . 

Ann-Marie on her last day at the NVC

Chanique with Usain.

Chanique with Veronica

Usain loved the attention and fell asleep on her lap, while she was watching Narnia on my laptop.

Tired kittens after lots of playing with Chanique

Ann-Marie, Chanique, and Damien

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