Sunday, 27 November 2011

Goat's Head Soup on the Beach

It is not even December and I have been to my first Christmas party. The Jamaica Hash House Harriers (JH3) had a change of venue and time this year and opted for an afternoon party on the beach at The Boardwalk near Fort Clarence. A good time had by all!

A few hours of sunning, swimming, dancing and drinking beer and rum - yes, that is together and it is called a "steel bottom".  One does not want to have too many of those and remain vertical. And just when you are hungry they serve "Goat Water", which is the local term for Goat's Head Soup. Nothing like a hot, steaming, cup of Goat's Head Soup on a hot day. Very delicious, though one might be prudent to leave the grisly bits with hair attached in the bottom of the cup. This was followed by the tasty meal of curried goat (there are a lot of goats here), rice, and some kind of chicken (a meal is not a meal in Jamaica without some kind of chicken). Erin found some onions in the line, but I missed them so she shared hers with me - very good. 

As the sun went down, I suspect some were off to an after party that may have continued to dawn. My continuing-to-dawn days are over, so Sats and I were very pleased to hitch a ride back to Kingston with fellow hasher, Louise. 

The story is in the pictures . . . 

My new JH3 Christmas shirt - I always take the pictures, so am never in them!

More shirt

Some managed to hitch rides to the beach, but Sats and I were relegated to the bus. Took bus from New Kingstonn, 15 minute walk from homes, then changed at The Parade (downtown bus terminal area) to #1 to Hellshire. This is The Parade on a Saturday morning..

Hustle and bustle of The Parade

Amid the hustle and bustle, a beautiful church and beacon

The Parade is awash with hawkers (locally known as 'higglers'). These little girls sat with their Grandma who was selling penny candy, etc. It is a long day for them and a very hard life.  I bought some peanuts from their Grandma

Waiting for the bus

The Jamaican Urban Transit Corporation (JUTC) has an excellent, advanced bus system. Buses are new, air conditioned, clean and the drivers are exceptionally helpful - if you are not at the stop, just wave your hand and they will stop for you! This is where Sats and I got the #1 to Hellshire, stopping at Fort Clarence for the party at The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk - note Erin, already dancing it up,  on the far right. She got there early and I think well into the party before we arrived

Samar and Erin enjoying the 'soca' music. This is all new to me.

Proof that the JH3 really is a drinking club with a running problem. Except no running today; just a lot of standing in the ocean with suitable libation

The Boardwalk bar and restaurant

Beach at The Boardwalk

Sats and Erin in serious conversation

Kim, Maree (president of the Canadian Women's Club - CWC), and Del

Samar with her JH3 Christmas T.

Boats at The Boardwalk

These boats are not derelict. They are active fishing boats.

The girls serving Goat's Head Soup and other delicacies

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