Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving in Jamaica

I certainly missed my family at Thanksgiving and all the wonderful family traditions.  Meredith continued the family tradition by hosting dinner, with everyone else pitching in to help. Except Jenn, Warren and Lizzie who were happy to stop in on their way home from Kelowna, where Jenn had completed her third marathon the day before! Congratulations to Jenn on an amazing race and to Meredith for a beautiful table and dinner (while jostling a 3 year old and a 6 month old). 

Short message to say that I was fortunate to be invited to a Canadian Thanksgiving, organized and prepared by the Canadian Women's Club, and graciously hosted at the home of the Canadian High Commissioner.  It was a lovely evening with my "Jamaican family" and new friends and colleagues that I met. All the traditional foods, beautifully presented and wonderful Canadian wines! There were about 40 people there: about 10 CUSO-VSO volunteers, some High Commission senior staff, and some other Canadians from all walks. 

My thanks to all - a lovely evening. Was interesting to be eating Thanksgiving dinner under the canopy by the pool!

Sorry, no pictures - a few others took some and I may post if I can connect with them. 

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