Monday, 17 October 2011

MoBay in the Sunshine! (and a little bit of rain)

Last blog re MoBay in the rain was sent belatedly at the end of the weekend, after I arrived home in Kingston about an hour ago. Had some connectivity problems at Julia's - her newly installed internet was mostly not working and when it was it was on glacial pace. So blog was drafted and bingo! got uploaded about an hour ago.

Lest everyone is thinking we were drowned rats all weekend, let me assure you that the sun was out much of the next three days and we only had to run for cover a few times each afternoon. 

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and my first "holiday" since I arrived two months ago. Yes, two months ago. And now, only two months before I head home for Christmas.  My thanks to Julia for hosting me - she has a wonderful apartment in MoBay and I greatly enjoyed her hospitality and humour. She says I can come back again . . .  

The Bobsey Twins in MoBay, wearing our genuine tye-died sundresses.

MoBay Yacht Club where Julia sails.

MoBay Yacht Club

Beach Club across from Yacht Club where I spent the day while Julia was sailing.  She joined me for a swim afterwards.


There's that rain again! Fortunately I was lunching at the time.

View from the Richmond Hotel - quite stunning. We went there for drinks after our day at Yacht Club and beach.

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