Wednesday, 5 December 2012

One Week to Canada

It is one week today that I will be leave Jamaica, returning to Canada after almost 18 months of volunteering, working, friends, experiences . . .  

Much to do and I have serious lists. Seems that as soon as I cross one thing off the list, several others appear.  Somehow it will all resolve itself and the list will self-destruct on December 12th. Usain and Veronica had their veterinary inspections this morning, all pronounced "fit for air travel".  I keep telling them to grow more fur, but difficult when it is always 30 C outside and inside. 

For those who think of me as a rather organized person, think again.  My wee Jamaican home looks like a war zone and getting worse.  Kate was here this morning to bring bags, clothes, stuff, etc. - all adding to the chaos.  Kate will take over my lease in January upon her return from Christmas holidays.  Coincidentally, she is on the same flight as me on December 12th, then transferring to Ottawa. 

It will, however, be perfect on December 12th -:)

Proof . . . 

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