Sunday, 25 November 2012

Thanksgiving Jamaica Style

We'll pretty much use any excuse to get together for dinner.  Considering none of us are Americans and we all work for a Canadian agency, we thought we'd celebrate American Thanksgiving two days late.  I should note that Josh, Erin's partner, is in fact an American   so that probably gave our dinner some legitimacy.

Erin and Josh invited the Cuso cooperants to their place, offering to supply the roasted chickens, stuffing and mashed potatoes.  It didn't seem right to buy an imported Butterball, considering the availability of fresh, local chicken and vegetables. 

There were eight of us altogether and everyone brought a contribution to the dinner, I bringing two pumpkin pies.  Cooking pumpkins are available year round here and are much better than the ones we get in Canada - yes, I make my pies from scratch cooking and mashing the pumpkins meat the day before.  Here pumpkin is only used as a vegetable - which I often do too - but my Jamaican friends find it very curious that we make pies out of it.  

All was excellent from the perfectly roasted chickens, spicy green beans to the yummy cornbread. A nice evening of fine food and friends.

As soon as I get this blog posted I am planning on a piece of leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast.

Our host tends to the gravy

Josh and Doudou deep in conversation

Tracey, who was visiting from Cuso in Ottawa, and Onyka

The feast

Doudou supervises the clean up

Brianna had a little pie with her whip cream

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