Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Washington, DC, with Twins - Again!

I am finishing six days in DC with my daughter, Allie, and her twins, August and Geroge, who will be eight months old next week.  Doug is away at a symposium for ten days and I arrived to help out with little boys and spend some time with Allie exploring the corners of DC. I am also pretty good at cleaning the cat box.

As in previous posts (January and April) I have posted many pictures of the familiar sights of DC, and some sights not so familiar. This time we also did a bit of both, trying to get out each day - for the fresh air, exercise, and keeping the lads happy!

Weather has been quite delightful, having cooled down from the earlier heat wave and with hints of fall in the evening and early morning air. Heading back to summer heat and threat of tropical storms in Jamaica on Thursday afternoon after a wonderful trip. 

We visited the Smithsonian Arts & Crafts Museum, which had a 40 Under 40 exhibit - delightful; the National Art Gallery with its Joan Miro special exhibition; toured Embassy Row with our ZipCar; the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (across the river from the National Arboretum where we went in April); DuPont Circle Farmers' Market; some shopping and many daily walks all over the Adams Morgan district and beyond. 

Oh yes, and we saw where President Obama and Michelle Obama were going to have dinner :-) We were on our daily pre-dinner walk and found a huge blockade closing off a street, with tent in front of the Mintwood Restaurant.  They let us pass (this was about 5 pm) and we found out the next day that they dined at about 6:30 pm. 

Pictures are mostly of twins and our tour of the Capitol Building.  The tour was was very good - free, though you had to have reservations. A very historic place and we learned quite a bit of history that we didn't know. Lots of Americans, of course, making a pilgrimage to their nation's capitol, though there were many countries represented in our group: Canada, France, China, and the Netherlands.

Jamaican Embassy - I couldn't resist the signs of celebrating Jamaica 50

Sunday morning on the way to the market - time for a nap.

Allie buying us almond croissants, which were huge and wicked!

White hydrangeas at he flower stall

White hydrangeas home with some eucalyptus and roses on the dining room table.

Close up of the arrangement.

Ready for dinner!  Note cat (Robin), knitting and wine glass on table behind :-)

George as "The Littlest Nun"

Allie & August share smiles

Curious George in his jungle.

George gets his bath. . . 

. . . . August too.

We all had to wear stickers for our Capitol Building tour - August wore his on the stroller.

George had his on the stroller for while until it rubbed off and stuck to the back of his head :-(

Model for "Freedom", the sculpture on the top of the rotunda of the Capital Building

Rotunda, 18 stories high from the floor to the dome.


Frieze below the dome

Allie, listening to the audio of the tour, keeping the boys far from the madding crowd

Each state is allowed two statues in the capitol building - interesting and curious to note which ones they have chosen.

This said it was the Declaration of Independence - but I think it is a copy and that the original must be in the National Archives.

Our tour group - Allie is in the middle somewhere.  I think I see her feet.

After tour of Capitol Building, we had a leisurely lunch - as leisurely as one can with two 8 month olds - in the Garden Cafe Catalonia in the National Gallery.  We drank sangria and had a Catalonian buffet. I lovely time.

Ready for his morning romp and a trip to the aquatic gardens . . . 

. . . .  both of them.

August loves to crawl all over George and George is so patient . . .  should have named him Job.

Catch us if you can!


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