Monday, 9 April 2012

Way Home from Treasure Beach

A few pictures of our last morning at Treasure Beach and the way home. We arrived safely back In Kingston after driving for an hour through sustained torrential rains from Mandeville to Spanish Town; and then just after I took my friends home and arrived back at Waterloo Square, the rains started again. Though I was home and dry, with two very happy, healthy Jamaican teenaged kittens . . .  Usain and Veronica stuck to me like velcro for the rest of the night. 

Thank you to Irina, Kate, and Tim for being good friends and amenable traveling companions . . .  even if you were all snoring on the drive home :-)

Was up at 5:45 am, walking on the beach . . .  and here is the remnant from the previous evening's impromptu football game. Referring back to my March blog of Treasure Beach, this happens almost every evening with the local lads. They don't usually leave their balls behind. 

Have no idea of the true history of the nomenclature . . . . I prefer to believe that the high tide mark defines the term "treasure beach".

Meet Jim and Sue, from New York, who have lived on Treasure Beach for 15 years. Last time I was at TB, I saw them every morning ambling out of their gate at 6am and then walking up and back covering the distance of the beach - about .5 km - taking about an hour.  This time, I went out to great them adnd had a lovely conversation. Sue carries a bag to collect shells for her great-grandchildren and Jim carries a cane to help him along the way.  Jim was concerned that his coif might not be just right for the photograph (he is bald) and I assured him it was perfect. When showed the picture on the camera he said "it looks like I have been  retouched!".  A serendipitous moment.

The gate to Jim and Sue's.

Bamboo Avenue, near Lacovia, which is 2.5 mile tunnel of bamboo with plantations on either side.  Planted in the early 1700's is agreed; though depending upon which version of history one reads, it was either planted as shade for the slaves or shade for the plantation owners and guests on their way to the estate.  You decide. 

Stopped in Porus to buy fresh fruits to bring home to Kingston.  That is Tim (hiding behind the bananas), higgler, Irina, and Kate.

My purchase from a beach higgler. This parrot will soon be gracing Keats Island. I have named him "Captain Ted".


  1. Lovely blog. I love Treasure Beach. Went there for my honeymoon. I'm curious: is the bird's namesake THE Captain Ted of "The Evil Tings"?

    - Torsdag

    1. Glad you have good memories also of Treasure Beach! And yes, Mr. Parrot is now officially named after Captain Ted of "The Evil Tings" and will soon be a fixture at my summer cottage on the ocean at home (the Pacific Ocean on an island just off Vancouver, Canada).