Saturday, 17 March 2012

Yard Sale Success!

The Canadian Women's Club (CWC) in Jamaica held their annual Yard Sale today.  It may have been St. Patrick's Day for the rest of you, but we were all dressed in red and white! \Somehow last fall I got appointed at a meeting as the coordinator for the 2012 sale. I think I was scratching my head at the time and my eager colleagues took it as I sign that I was volunteering. I was too embarrassed to confess that I was simply itchy. 

The Yard Sale is an annual event and one of the major fundraisers for the CWC. All proceeds go to the charities that the CWC supports through its Outreach Committee.  A few that have received the support of the CWC over the past year are: Maxfield Park Home for Girls, Verley Home for Gentle Women, Jamaicans for Justice, Bustamante Hospital for Children, Jamaican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA), and Trench Town Reading Centre. (Please forgive me if I have spelled a few of these wrong: it is late, though a long and rewarding day, and I would rather share our success and feeling of accomplishment than check minutes for details :-)

It was a successful day with more vendors than in 2011 and a 28% increase in the number of attendees - ie. shoppers!

There was such an amazing array of goods: baking, second-time-around clothes and stuff, books, plants and produce, jewelry, accessories, art, food, preservatives, and much more . . . .

Too many people to thank, from the vendors who provided amazing wares to the CWC volunteers who spent many hours on the Yard Sale - and all of their partners, families and friends who came to help! A particular thanks to Maree for providing the beautiful garden of her home as a venue.

A few pictures to give you an idea of what a delightful day it was . . . my apologies for those who do not appear here, this is only a sampling . . . 

Erin & Erin greeting guests

Brenda and her orchids

Marlene & Sybil at "Second Time Around"

Laura with her all-natural accessories

The book table and produce/plants table were very popular

Pauline's orchids

This stunning orange hanging orchid is now hanging on my patio - my indulgence of the day

Bougainvillea in full bloom in the garden

The garden and sale went far beyond this shot . . .  such a lovely setting.
See those little red tents? We put those up on Friday afternoon, incredibly successfully with no instructions, no idea what the finished product should look like, with a lot of laughter and  teamwork. Miraculously they were still up when we arrived at 7 am the next morning!  
A long story as to why Maree has a dinosaur, who has moved with her to several residences . . . and it is bigger than it looks

Wee Alex, riding the dinosaur

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