Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Day

Once again, we were blessed with a very special Christmas Day surrounded by family, dogs, cats, thoughtful and delightful gifts, and a bounty of food and wine. Thanks to everyone who helped and played their part: from Great Grannie who made the best Christmas pudding and rum sauce ever, to Mer & Dustin for hosting in their lovely home, to Jenn & Warren for playing with 3 year olds and cuddling baby Maisie, to Brian and Jane for buying and bringing Mr. Turkey. 

After traditional breakfast of eggs benedict, broiled tomatoes and kippers, we settled into the in mayhem of presents - the kind of mayhem that only two three year olds can bring! Followed by a lazy day of snacking and visiting, and then an early dinner.  I was home with Nana (Great Grannie) for an early night of reading and resting. 

Boxing Day will be chilling with Merry and kids, lunch with an old friend, and then overnight cat-sitting of my own cats!  Really looking forward to a quiet evening with Whittington and LizzyBetty, turkey sandwich and bubble & squeek, accompanied by a cheap bottle of red wine. And two lovely greys draped over me as I watch old movies :-)

The pictures say it all . . . 

'Chubby Cheeks' at Christmas Eve dinner at the Spaghetti Factory

Christmas Eve Dinner

The tree and all the presents - a bit out of focus, but the only one I have.

Great Grannie, Jane and Jenn

The table set for dinner, with Christmas Village set up in the background

Owyn shouts with delight when he opens his train from Grandpa

Owyn, Lizzie and Warren are into the train

Maisie loves the wrapping paper - she often was chewing it.

What would Christmas morning be without a cat in a box?

Lizzie in her new coat and boots from Dadddy (she is wearing her new bathing suit underneath)

Owyn and his Dad putting the train together

Owyn is not sure about sharing his train with his cousin . . . .

. . .  who has now taken over the train with her bag of chips :-)

Great Grannie with Maggie on her lap

Lizzie and Daddy chilling

Warren playing with the 3 year olds in the garden

Maisie with her Auntie Jenn

My favourite picture: Lizzie in Chritmas dress, Jamaica T, goggle on her head, hockey sweater in one hand, cousin Owyn on dog leash in the other. Owyn was happy being the dog and she was happy leading him around. We are showing this picture on her wedding day.

Christmas Dinner

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